– Potter. – Draco looks in front of him, while Harry quickly comes up beside of the Slytherin boy, in the third floor hallway, – What do you want? – he asks scornful, trying not to show his happiness. The eyes of Draco lie on the other boy, whose cheeks blush, still cover by Malfoy’s kiss.

– My necktie. – say the Chosen One, raising the shoulders and smiling in a mischievous way.

– How am I suppose to know where is your necktie? – burst out the Slytherin, adjusting his books under the arm, heading towards a more isolated spot.

– Draco. – Harry tries to stop the boy with the voice, smiling and putting his hands in the pockets. The face of the Chosen One is light up by the window and Malfoy moves his sight: he’s too much cute.

– I don’t know where you necktie is… – he whispers then, thinking about his bed, about Potter’ clothes all around the room, about the kiss on the neck. About the constant mark of the Gryffindor on his body.

– You are wearing it. – Harry clarifies, moving closer to the other boy.

Draco, whose cheeks quickly became reddish, finally understands why everyone has been looking at him all day, – Can I have it back, right? –

Harry’s a few centimetres away from the Slytherin, whom’s not backing up, throwing up, pretending anymore: their bodies are so close, so imperceptibility distant, that their lips call each other, demanding to hug themselves again.

– You’re cute as a Gryffindor. – Harry whispers, connecting his hands with Draco’ ones, – I may leave it to you, only if you promise to wear it everyday. –

The Slytherin smiles, raising his eyes to the sky, – You are going to regret it, to go out everyday as a homeless person. – the cheap shot to the open shirt of Harry is obvious, so he laughs, kissing the lips of Draco, searching something in the pocket, – I have yours. – he explains, remembering the gaze of Hermione in the common room, while he was proudly wearing a green necktie.

Draco took it, petting the hand of Harry, touching lightly the fingers that had travelled all over his body, – Keep it for a little longer. – he says at the end, giving back the necktie.

– What? – Harry raises an elbow, while the Slytherin moves aways, – Draco! –

– Let’s meet in the prefects’ bathroom tonight, just make sure to bring that necktie. – Malfoy smiles, licking his lips, disappearing from Harry’ sight.

The Chosen One repress a laugh, putting the necktie in his pocket once again, dreaming about a bath tub, about the hot kiss of Draco on his skin and, especially, about Draco.



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